Frequently Asked Questions

A) Always read the tag or notice carefully. The instructions on how to deal with the tag are usually located on the back.
A) No, Each city or town has their own policy on how to adjudicate a parking tag. Always deal with the city or town’s parking enforcement unit.
A) Yes, Each city or town has a facility for tag disputes. It is important that you contact the relevant parking unit for the procedure.
A) Yes, We only issue parking tags which are enforceable by the town or city where they are issued.
A) No, The parking tags we issue do not affect your drivers license, if you fail to pay or deal with a parking tag you have received, the city or town may send the vehicles license plate to the ministry of transport for plate denial. this would affect the validation sticker on the vehicle that received the tag.
A) That would be a hard no, the city or town collects 100% of the revenue generated by the parking tags. Security Advisors Group does not profit directly or indirectly from parking tags that we issue. Some folks do find this hard to believe so our best advice is to call the parking unit in your city or town and ask them.
A) We charge the property owner a per visit cost. That cost is fixed and does not change regardless of the number of tags we issue on a given day.
A) Yes, the posted signs on the property usually end with "Unauthorized vehicles will be tagged and or towed away at owners expense”.
A) Just about 100% of the time the answer would be no. we always suggest you contact the property manager to see if additional parking is available.
A) No, the terms and conditions of most condos prohibit residents from parking in visitors parking at anytime. If a resident registers the vehicle as a guest, the permit may not be applied and a tag could be issued.